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The Deo Gratias Company is a family company, founded in the Year of Our Lord 2016 by Catholic father of 8 and entrepreneur, Erik Gershfeld.

The Deo Gratias Company designs and manufactures products for Christians, young and old, that are fun, practical reminders of our Faith. In an increasingly secular and materialistic world where faith and family values are waning, mankind is in need of more faith in all aspects of who we are and what we do. Deo Gratias objective is to create faith building products that teach, convert, remind, and strengthen.

Life can get pretty hectic. Every day we wade into it. Every day we face the challenge of keeping our focus on the bigger picture and the things that are actually important. We need Jesus and Mary in or lives more than ever.

The Deo Gratias company creates products that are practical reminders of our Catholic Faith. It is, after all, the cornerstone that keeps us sane and grounded, reminding us of who we are and how we should live and ultimately where we’re going. The Deo Gratias Company is proud and humbled to work with the holy spirit to bring products to market that glorify the Lord and his family.

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